Why, hello!

I'm Genevieve, but most of my friends and fam call me Gena.  Other nicknames I've acquired throughout my life include, but are not limited to, Beans (thanks for that one, Gramps!), Gena Doodles/Dudes (it's kinda weird, Mom, but I'm not mad at it!), G., G. Bear, Vieves, and Geneviève (jon-vee-ev) for when you're feelin' French, I guess!  I'm twenty-five *wink* *wink* and living in Chicago.  I love my job.  I miss my dog, horribly.  I'd be lost without my family.  I've got the most amazing friends, and I'm in my happiest place when I'm in the kitchen cooking or baking,  listening to good jams, and drinking wine.

Now that we've covered formalities, here's what Gena Marie is all about.  When I initially started this blog, I intended for it to be a lifestyle blog centered on healthy living.  I was going to include healthy recipes and workouts, as I'm a bit of a health nut.  Well, life seemed to get in the way and the blog fell by the wayside.  Ya know, life can be a real real b**** that way!  Just recently mine's taken a major turn for the unexpected and this space has undergone a bit of a remodel.  It's become a place for me to sort out all the mess that comes with the grieving process.  I'm sure it will be ugly and sad, but I'm also sure it will be beautiful and happy.  Perhaps, for the first time ever, I understand what it means to "live in possibility."  Although the aching pain of loss is ever present just beneath the surface and I am, well, TERRIFIED, I'll do as my mom said and "lean into it."  So, this is me.  Leaning.  Scared.  Real.  Real scared.  Grammatically imperfect.  Open.  Honest.  Processing.

Welcome to my crazy.  Follow me, if you dare... ;)