Why, hello!

I'm Genevieve, but most of my friends and fam call me Gena. I live in Chicago.  I love my job.  I miss my dog, horribly.  I'd be lost without my family.  I've got the most amazing friends, and I'm in my happiest place when I'm in the kitchen cooking,  listening to good jams, and drinking wine.  Oh.  Or yoga-ing.  I fuckin' love me a good hot yoga sesh. 

Now that we've covered formalities, here's what this blog is all about.

Life's a real bitch and this is a place for me to sort through all the things and make some sense of them.  So I'll just be here, sorting away, making a mess of grammatical rules and probably using language my mother wouldn't approve of.

Welcome to my crazy.  Follow me, if you dare.