Happy Place

"It's quite hard to write songs when you're happy.  It's much easier to be miserable and write music." -Minnie Driver

So yeah....leave it to Minnie Driver, I guess, to put into words why I haven't been able to write a single thing lately.  First of all, I know...Minnie Driver...?  Random, right?  Well, yeah I thought so too!  But there I was just minding my own business, going about my morning routine with the t.v. on in the background, and in waltzed Minnie to the Live With Kelly show who, within about twenty seconds of airtime and two sentences, managed to sum up exactly why I've been at a loss for words lately.  

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What Fuels Your Happiness?

Happy Halloween! I can't even believe it's October 31st and November is TOMORROW!  You know what that means, don't you?  We're headed straight into holiday season!  I love the holidays.  I love everything they're about.  Family, friends, togetherness, being thankful, great food, giving, festive decorations, holiday music, baking, celebrating, hustle and bustle, holiday movies,  hot chocolate (don't care if I live in Florida I'm still having hot chocolate!), sweaters, blankets (yep still don't care!!), pine scented candles, ugh! I could go on, people!!  But I won't because my list may never end and the point I mean to make is simple...

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The Write Mood

It's been months since I started this blog and, until now, I haven't been able to pluck out a single post!  Not one.  I can't put my finger on why.  At first, I wanted to get the design and layout all set and then I could worry about the content, but once I got that done I'd sit to start a post and nothing would come.  Just a blinking cursor.  I had every excuse...

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