The Write Mood

It's been months since I started this blog and, until now, I haven't been able to pluck out a single post!  Not one.  I can't put my finger on why.  At first, I wanted to get the design and layout all set and then I could worry about the content, but once I got that done I'd sit to start a post and nothing would come.  Just a blinking cursor.  I had every excuse: I was uncomfortable, my chair wasn't a good writing chair, I needed  a glass of water or cup of tea, I had to go finish laundry, walk the dog, make a grocery list, call my best friend, pay some bills, plan a workout...ARGH!!  I could ALWAYS find something else to do.  Something that seemed more important.  Was this just lack of concentration?  Am I just that much of a procrastinator?!  Is there nothing I'm passionate enough to write about??!!  So I figured I'd start searching the internert in hopes of finding tips from other writers and bloggers about getting started for the first time or overcoming writer's block.  They all had to start somewhere and must have some experience from which to speak, right?  Well, about two minutes into my research I came across all sorts of "helpful" quotes like, "The scariest moment is always just before you start," and "The first draft of anything is shit."  Well it's no wonder I hadn't posted anything yet!!  ...Then I read this, "All you have to do is write one true sentence.  Write the truest sentence that you know." So here's my sentence...or two.  I'm afraid I'll completely fail at this.  I'm afraid that just because I think that what I have to say and share with people might be worth reading doesn't mean it actually is and I'm just crazy for wanting to start a blog!!!

I decided I needed to call on the help of a friend who had also recently started a blog of her own.  Her posts are always true to her voice,  honest, beautifully written and easy to read and relate to.  How does she do this?  She must just have a gift for writing.  Or maybe she knows herself better and therefore finds it easier to open up and connect with an audience. Maybe she knows a secret?!  A few days later, over coffee and a pumpkin spice muffin (so cliché) I asked for her advice.  "Does it take you days of writing and rewriting before you feel comfortable enough to publish your final post or do you just sit down, let your thoughts flow and post as is? Do you have someone else edit your writing?  Do you wonder if readers will judge you?  How do you even get started??!"  Her response was honest and she didn't have any magical answers or cures for writer's block, but what she did tell me was so simple and really resonated.  She said, "You have to hunker down.  Really get in the mood.  Create an environment that helps you relax and write.  Light candles, put on relaxing music, have some wine if you need to!..."  It made so much sense!  I know it may sound like she's telling me how to create a romantic evening with my fiancé BUT writing can be just as intimate!  And there I was, trying to write while sitting at the kitchen table in a stiff chair or at a desk in the office making this feel like actual WORK instead of the fun, creative, exciting, learning experience of an outlet that I intended for this to be.  Blogging is an invitaion to the world into parts of your life and it requires one to be vulnerable.  I don't know about most of you, but I'll need to kick back, relax and uncork a bottle of wine to do that!  ....or perhaps--because it's still not even noon--my comfiest cardigan, some coffee in one of my favorite mugs, snuggled into the most-broken-in cushion on the couch with my feet up on an ottoman and my puppy, Sebastian, sitting at my side will have to do!