What Fuels Your Happiness?

Happy Halloween! I can't even believe it's October 31st and November is TOMORROW!  You know what that means, don't you?  We're headed straight into holiday season!  I love the holidays.  I love everything they're about.  Family, friends, togetherness, being thankful, great food, giving, festive decorations, holiday music, baking, celebrating, hustle and bustle, holiday movies,  hot chocolate (don't care if I live in Florida I'm still having hot chocolate!), sweaters, blankets (yep still don't care!!), pine scented candles, ugh! I could go on, people!!  But I won't because my list may never end and the point I mean to make is simple.  These things.  These little things.  Make.  Me.  HAPPY.  

Heading into this holiday season, the conversation at work is centered around the question, "What fuels your happiness?"  I mean, first of all, who even gets asked that? And second of all, who gets asked that at work??!  Pretty great, huh?  Well, I think so and it's really got me thinking lately.  What does fuel my happiness?  What keeps me going when life feels mundane?  What inspires me?  What makes me want to be better?  For starters, all the things in the aforementioned paragraph and, also, this list of things that occur on a daily basis that I usually take for granted.

  1. My fiancé and life bud
  2. My crazy, cuddly, sweet, silly dog
  3. My big family.  Because I can always get a hold of someone whenever I need even if it's just to chat.
  4. My friends.  You just get me ;)
  5. A really good, sweaty workout where I lift a lot of heavy things
  6. My yoga practice. A place where I can just be present, on my mat, as I am, with whatever I may be carrying mentally, emotionally, physically.
  7. My job that challenges me to set goals, make mistakes, and live a life I love
  8. Coffee mugs...full of coffee
  9. Baking!
  10. Cooking!
  11. Slow, early mornings making breakfast and having coffee with Evan
  12. Beach days
  13. Wine.  How did I make it to #11 without mentioning wine?!
  14. Big cities.  Or pictures of big cities if I can't actually be in a big city.
  15. Wine/coffee Skype dates with family and friends who are far away
  16. Music.  All different kinds for all different moods
  17. Snacks.  Everyone loves snacks, no??!!
  18. People who are kind, happy and like to laugh
  19. Joint dinner duty with Evan.  Music on, grill fired, chopping veggies, building tacos!
  20. Relaxing at night on the patio with wine, music and candles

Shoot!  Do I really have a list of twenty?!!  Well rewind to a few months ago and I definitely wouldn't have as many.  I was having a really rough time.  I was sad, feeling homesick every day, all I wanted to do was cry and everything was a struggle.  I couldn't even really put my finger on why exactly.  In a long conversation with a friend and co-worker, the wise owl that she is, asked me some pretty tough questions that helped me to change the way I was looking at myself and what I was creating for my life.  She also challenged me to think of three things that make me happy and DO one or all of them whenever I was starting to feel less than enthusiastic about life.  Sounds simple and a bit cheesy, no?  I mean, yeah!  BUT it's really helped!  Currently, I have a running list of twenty plus things that make me happy (I'm sure there are many things I've forgotten) and I started with a list of THREE!  

Well...**takes deep breath**  Thanks to number seven on my above list, I give you...this blog post!  For too long now I've been comfortable not getting uncomfortable.  One month ago--what feels like no time at all--a friend who, at just twenty five, seriously knows how to grab a hold of life and really live it, challenged me to get uncomfy.  "A blog post.  By the 31st."  That was all she said!  I just stared at her, smiling awkwardly because I was already uncomfortable at the thought if it, then answered with a less than confident, "I think I can do thaaaaatttt...???"  Well I did it!  Okay, it's actually after midnight so I'm technically late, BUT we also move our clocks back an hour tonight which makes it still only the eleventh hour and teeeccchhhnnniiicccaaalllyyy ontime!  In any event, it's here!  And it is/was uncomfy, but it also feels pretty great.  And thank you, dear friend, you know who you are, for challenging me and holding me accountable!  I was kinda hoping you'd forget ;) 

To the rest, what fuels your happiness?